Can wire cut EDM proecess alloy cutter & PCD material?

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Can CNC wire cut EDM proecess alloy cutter & PCD material? To solve this problem, we must first understand the processing principle of wire cutting. The wire cutting process is to process the parts through the discharge principle of electric spark. Connect the workpiece to the positive pole of the pulse power supply, use molybdenum wire or copper wire as the cutting wire, connect the metal wire to the negative pole of the high-frequency pulse power supply as the tool electrode, and use spark discharge to cut the machined parts. The pulse power supply provides processing energy, and the special wire cutting working fluid is used to remove the chips generated during the processing. Under the action of the electric field, the surfaces of the cathode and the anode are bombarded by the electron current and the ion current, respectively, so that an instantaneous high temperature heat source is formed in the electrode gap to melt and vaporize the local metal. The vaporized working fluid and workpiece material vapor expand rapidly in an instant. Under the combined action of this thermal expansion and the stamping of the working fluid, the melted and vaporized workpiece material is thrown out of the discharge channel, thus completing a spark discharge process. Therefore, in order to meet the processing requirements of wire cutting, it is necessary to require the workpiece to be connected to the pulse positive electrode, that is, to conduct electricity. So can the Alloy cutter be cut by wire cut EDM?

Alloy cutter

1. Material of alloy cutters

Then it depends on the material of  Alloy cutters. Most of the Alloy cutters on the market are tool steels with high hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance with the addition of more tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium and other alloy elements. These alloys have electrical conductivity. , then the wire cutting can be cut. The main processing factors affecting wire cutting are the electrical conductivity and heat resistance of the workpiece. It has nothing to do with the hardness of the metal material.

2. PCD and semi-conductive materials

PCD material wire cut EDM can also be processed, as it is semi-conductive material. However the speed will be slow, the PCD material cutting speed is around 1mm/2min. It really depends on the thickness of PCD cutter layer.


As mentioned above, wire cutting is to melt or vaporize the metal through the instantaneous high temperature generated by the discharge, so the heat resistance is relatively slower than the poor heat resistance, and the conductivity is the same, the better the conductivity. metal, theoretically it will cut faster. However, the above are all theoretical parameters. As long as the wire cutting alloy has the right metal properties, there will be corresponding solution parameters. The main thing is to find the most suitable cutting method according to the alloy you are cutting.


The above is references of wire EDM cutting hard metal & PCD cutters.

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