D703B Drill EDM

Drill EDM

D435 / D640

High Speed, Parameter Database, Tungsten Carbide


  • Tungsten Carbide Function 
  • Intelligent discharge and high speed sampling function
  • Built-in expert process database, easy to operate
  • 0.2-3,0mm holes

Technical Specification

The output is controlled by a microcomputer, the processing speed is fast, and the high-precision processing can be completed. Just select the required size of hole, and the remaining processing parameters can be set automatically. Use pure water as the processing fluid, which is pollution-free. During processing, the processing parameters can be modified arbitrarily. High-speed or low-loss processing methods can be selected. It is suitable for alloy metals with high hardness, and various irregular shapes, spherical surfaces and curved surfaces. This machine has a power-off memory function. After power-off, all processing data and processing position values can be automatically stored. Processing depth can be set. Making holes ranging from 0.2 to 3.0mm.


In addition to processing general conductive materials, this equipment can also process cemented carbide, high-temperature heat-resistant alloys, copper alloys, titanium alloys and other difficult-to-cut conductive materials

Specification D435 D640
Table Size
500×380 mm
700×450 mm
X/Y Axis Travel
450×350 mm
600×400 mm
Z Axis Travel
380 mm
380 mm
Max Workpiece Weight
360 KG
380 KG
2-nd Axis Travel
280 mm
280 mm
Electrode Diameter
Max Current
30 Amp
30 Amp
Max Workpiece Height
300 mm
300 mm
Z Axis Detection
LCD Display
LCD Display
Machine Weight
860 KG
960 KG


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