Importance of using EDM in Medical

The trend of miniaturization and precision in the medical industry is driving the development of wire cutting technology. On the one hand, the use of high-precision fixtures and corresponding peripheral facilities enables standard wire cutting EDM machine tools to continue to meet the needs of the medical industry; on the other hand, through EDM technology, one can find a way to limit component errors to a few Processing technology in the micron range. Medical device manufacturers must always be at the forefront of medical technology. The production of medical equipment such as orthopedic instruments, medical equipment and special equipment requires precision and flexibility. Sammlite Machines meet such needs and achieves the ultimate precision required by precision machining. These can be flexibly adapted to the development of the latest medical technology.


Wire Cut EDM machines are one of the most precise processing equipment. Many well-known companies combine wire cutting machines and A-axis to manufacture products such as transplanted joints. The processed parts are clamped by fixtures or pallet systems. As the sixth axis, axis A receives the synchronous control of the wire cutting machine. In terms of the contours of the components, it can meet a variety of needs.


medical edm
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