Mold & Die

Importance of Using EDM in Mold & Die

Overview of Mold and Die


EDM technicians corrode the workpiece material through high temperature and high heat, so as to process the workpiece. During the machining process, spark discharge will be generated due to the pulse of the workpiece electrode. The use of Die Sinking EDM and Wire Cut EDM can process many different mold materials, and the requirements for materials during processing are also very low. Because EDM machines can use the electricity generated by pulse discharge for processing, it will not be obvious to the metal during processing. Cutting, which makes it possible to process some brittle or high-melting conductive materials. When CNC EDM is used for machining, it is possible to perform precision work on more complex molds, which solves the limitations of other machining processes on mold geometry.


Die Sinking & Wire Cut EDM can be well combined with other processing methods, so that the advantages of different craftsmanship can be used to ensure the quality of the material. Many new machining methods are realized by combining CNC EDM Machines with other machining processes, and there is a trend of continuing to expand their use. Moreover, using this processing method can obtain extremely high precision and surface quality, because the pulse discharge time during processing will be very short, so the heat generated will not spread to the surroundings, which makes the surface accuracy of the workpiece after processing very high high. Moreover, the processing can be flexibly adjusted during actual work, and different craftsmanship methods such as roughing, semi-roughing ~ heavy processing, semi-finishing and finishing can be carried out according to actual needs. In the case of extensive use of automation technology, the process of electrical discharge machining has become very flexible. The CNC system can often get good processing results, improve the production efficiency of processing, and promote the intelligentization of the industry.


Application of CNC EDM Machines in Mold and Die Manufacturing

At present, the rapid development of the mold industry has promoted the progress of mold manufacturing technology. As an important branch of mold manufacturing technology, EDM Machines has been given higher and higher processing requirements. At the same time, under the influence of the new situation of the development of CNC machining technology, it has promoted the rapid development of EDM technology towards a deeper and higher level of numerical control.


Perfect parts are the key factor that reflects the level of mold manufacturing technology. Sammlite Machinery’s high-speed machining, technology transfer, application, software and engineering services can speed up the process while ensuring high quality and increasing productivity.


CNC EDM technology is constantly developing in the direction of precision, automation, intelligence, and efficiency. Sammlite’s high-speed, hard-milling intelligent technology can quickly process lengthy and complex programs. So as to achieve faster output, improve surface treatment fineness, and reduce costs.


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