Importance of CNC EDM Technology in Automotive Industry

Improve production efficiency

Since the numerical control processing technology is based on the digital system to realize the actual control of the mechanical equipment, the application of this technology to the processing and manufacturing of automobile mechanical molds can greatly improve the production efficiency of processing and manufacturing and the accuracy of the mold. Specifically, from the essence of CNC die sinking and wire cut EDM machining technology, it uses advanced digital systems to control the corresponding machining equipment, thus saving the time required for mold processing on the basis of optimizing the processing flow and realizing system control. , And through the improvement of technology, the quality of mold processing has been improved. Therefore, the application of numerical control processing technology in the processing and manufacturing of automobile machinery molds can better improve the processing efficiency and technical level, so as to create more economic benefits for the enterprise on this basis.


Automobile mould, in a narrow sense, is the general name of the mould for punching all the stamping parts on the car body. That is “automobile body stamping die”. For example, the top cover flanging die, the beam reinforcement plate pressing die, etc. The most important part of the automobile mold is the cover mold. This type of die is mainly a cold die. In a broad sense, “automobile mold” is the general term for the molds used to manufacture all parts of automobiles. For example, stamping molds, injection molds, forging molds, casting wax molds, glass molds, etc.

The stamping parts on the car body are roughly divided into cover parts, beam parts and general stamping parts. The stamping parts that can clearly express the characteristics of the car’s image are the car cover parts. Therefore, the more specific automobile mold can be said to be the “automotive cover stamping mold.” Referred to as automotive panel die. For example, the front door outer panel trimming die, the front door inner panel punching die, etc. Of course, not only the car body has stamping parts. All stamping dies on automobiles are called “auto stamping dies”. In summary:

1. Automobile mold is the general name of molds used to manufacture all parts of automobiles.

2. Automobile stamping dies are the dies used to punch all stamping parts on automobiles.

3. Auto body stamping die is a die for punching all stamping parts on auto body.

4. Auto cover stamping die is a die for punching all cover parts on auto body.


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