Importance of EDM Machine in Electronics

As we all know, mass-produced multi-cavity micro-size molds have extremely strict requirements for accuracy. For example, the biggest challenge facing connector mold processing comes from how to ensure accuracy stability during batch processing.


The connector production process includes mold opening, injection molding, stamping, electroplating, assembly, testing and packaging. Among them, connector mold manufacturing belongs to the field of precision processing, and the form and structure of connectors are ever-changing, which brings many new and personalized technological requirements to processing.


High processing accuracy requirements: A pair of molds is generally composed of a concave mold, a convex mold and a mold base, and some may also be a multi-piece split module. Therefore, the combination of upper and lower molds, the combination of inserts and cavities, and the assembly of modules require high machining accuracy. The dimensional accuracy of precision molds often reaches the μm level.


Processing method: CNC DIE SINKING EDM is the key to speed up + precision maintenance + stability maintenance


Aiming at processing difficulties such as the material diversity, structural complexity and dimensional accuracy of the connector mold, Electrical discharge machine is an important process method. Die Sinking EDM machine directly uses electrical energy, chemical energy, light energy and sound energy to process the workpiece to meet certain shape, size and surface roughness requirements. Through the high-speed pulse power supply (ISPG), to ensure a uniform surface finish, and minimize electrode loss to make the sharp corner effect more perfect.


High-speed pulse power supply (ISPG) The fully closed-loop grating ruler installed on the XYZ axis of the machine tool is a guarantee for precise machining accuracy. Through the measurement of the grating ruler, the error caused by the backlash, thermal expansion or wear of the lead screw can be effectively eliminated, providing stable processing conditions for the entire processing process, and continuously maintaining the accuracy of the workpiece during processing.


Die Sinking EDM machine can maintain the precision of the mold very well. It can perform precision machining on complex mold cavities and clear corners with a very small radius. It can machine precision surfaces, equip with suitable tooling and electrodes, and even achieve super-hardness. High-precision internal thread processing of material parts.


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