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Importance of EDM Machine in Home Appliance

Application of CNC EDM machine:

Die-casting molds and blow-molding molds for processing disposable packaging, disposable items, bulk products and personalized design products.
A variety of products are used in family life every day, and unique designs and consumer needs require continuous development of new manufacturing processes. The production costs of seemingly worthless items are often prohibitive, and the precision required is also unimaginable.


Die Sinking EDM & Wire Cut EDM can process materials and complex-shaped workpieces that are difficult to cut by ordinary cutting methods; there is no cutting force during processing; no defects such as burrs and tool marks and grooves are generated; the tool electrode material does not need to be harder than the workpiece material; it is easy to use electrical energy for processing Realization of automation; a metamorphic layer is generated on the surface after processing, which must be further removed in some applications; the purification of working fluid and the treatment of smoke pollution generated during processing are more troublesome. CNC Die Sinking EDM & Wire Cut EDM is mainly used for processing molds and parts with complex shaped holes and cavities; processing various hard and brittle materials, such as cemented carbide and quenched steel, etc.; processing deep fine holes, special-shaped holes, deep grooves, Narrow slits and cutting slices, etc.; processing tools and measuring tools such as various forming knives, templates and thread ring gauges.


Process characteristics of EDM Machine:

High strength: The spark corrosion produced by pulse discharge is enough to melt or vaporize any strength conductive material, and it is not limited by the hardness of the processed workpiece.


Adaptability: suitable for processing low-rigidity workpieces and micro processing. EDM Machine is to accurately copy the shape of the tool electrode to the processed metal through the action of electric erosion, so it is particularly suitable for the processing of complex-shaped workpieces and workpieces with special process requirements, such as thin walls, narrow grooves, and curved holes.


Wear resistance: The surface of metal workpieces processed by Die Sinking EDM is generally composed of numerous small pits and hard flanges. Its hardness is higher than that of machined surfaces, and it is beneficial to protect lubricating oil. Its surface lubricity under the same surface roughness And wear resistance is also better than machined surface, especially suitable for mold manufacturing.


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