Advantages of Aerospace EDM

Most of the equipment in the aerospace field requires professional customization, which is difficult to process. The use of CNC DIE SINKING EDM technology can optimize the processing of key engine components in aerospace. For more demanding applications that require extremely high precision, Die Sinker is a popular solution. With its excellent precision, the EDM process has become a common method for creating production and prototype parts across multiple industries, including the automotive and electronics industries. Electrical discharge machine can also effectively process medical device components with tight tolerances because the process does not introduce vibration or cutting pressure. It is very suitable for the aerospace industry. Rockets and airplanes are famous for their high temperatures and complex parts. Aerospace parts also require extremely high precision and excellent surface finish.


What can be done with EDM?


The first is the compressor impeller: it is a complex part with thin walls. Almost all materials can be processed by wire cut EDM or Die Sinking EDM.


Turbine rotor disc: This is another part that the aviation industry usually needs. It has a small hole into which the blade can enter. Its complex shape makes it very suitable for broaching. Broaching is a costly method, and it needs to be feasible in mass production. For small batch processing, EDM machine processing can be performed.


Stator parts: The stator is an important part of the gas turbine engine. They require complex rings with specific channels for fuel and gas. Nickel alloys that are difficult to grind to make them are generally used. Fortunately, electrical dischage processing is an important part of the aerospace industry.


Turbine blades: EDM processing can be used to form them. Through discharge sparking, we can obtain the ideal surface finish. This saves a lot of time and effort.

The aviation industry needs to produce complex precision parts. SAMMLITE EDM machines have the solutions to processes and produce precise structures and turbomachinery components faster, with less variability and lowest cost.


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Aerospace die sinking edm