What fluid dielectric liquid is used for wire EDM?

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Dielectric liquid is generally used in wire EDM processing. In order to improve the cutting speed, a conductive liquid that is conducive to improving the cutting speed should be added during processing to increase the resistivity of the working liquid.

wire edm fluid dielectric

1. why use fluid dielectric

Water dielectric needs to be used in wire cutting processing. It is very important to remove ions from pure water or tap water. The ion exchange method has a significant effect on removing active ions in pure water. Wire Cutting processing of resins can make the deionization exchange reaction proceed rapidly. The fluid quality is excellent, and the processed surfaces are of the highest quality.

2. Selection of Wire EDM Fluid dielectric

Generally speaking, standard brass wire cutting machine or molybdenum wire cutting machine needs pure water. The pure water mentioned here is not mineral water. It is very important to know this.
The quality of the water used has a great relationship with the processing requirements of customers. It is divided according to the water level, natural water, purified water, industrial grade distilled water, and medical grade distilled water.
Seeing this, some people may want to say that it does not matter if they are using groundwater (hard water), of course, it is related to pulling. No matter how bad condition the wire dischage machine is, do not use groundwater, which will not only accelerate the loss of equipment, but also produce poor processing results .
Generally speaking, pure water is enough for wire EDM.  When using pure water, be careful to select heavy metals with a TDS content of less than 6.
The use of pure water in wire spark erosion machine can greatly improve the processing effect, but the processing cost will increase. 

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