What Is EDM Spark Erosion?

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SAMMLITE Machinery has been developing and producing edm spark erosion since 2003. It has witnessed the upgrading of various types of spark erosion machines, and cnc die sinking edm is the most popular spark erosion machine in recent years. Today we will explain, what is CNC die sinking EDM:

Spark erosion          Die Sinking EDM factory

1. The edm spark erosion can process the vertical corner of the workpiece; this cannot be achieved by milling process, because there must be an R angle in milling.

2. There is no huge machining force; therefore, the machine tool is relatively light and does not need to be installed on the basis.

3. It can process any hard, brittle, tough, soft and high melting point metal materials.

4. There is no cutting force in electrical discharge machining; therefore, the processed material is not deformed, which can well ensure its processing accuracy.

5. The edm sparking process is hardly affected by heat, so it can reduce the heat-affected layer and improve the quality of the workpiece after processing.

6. The tool electrode material processed by the CNC electrical discharge machine does not need to be harder than the workpiece material, so the tool electrode is easy to manufacture.

7. The die sinking edm machine can process workpieces with higher hardness; generally, hard tools are used to process relatively rough objects, while EDM uses soft electrodes to process relatively hard workpieces.

8. Spark erosion processing is non-contact processing, that is, the tool electrode is not in contact with the workpiece during processing; compared with other processing methods, it will not cause hard damage to the workpiece.

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