How to Double the Wire EDM cutting speed?

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The cutting speed and efficiency of wire EDM is affected by two factors, one is the current carrying capacity (Amp) of the wire, and the other is that the erosion material in the slit cannot be removed in time, and and their electrical conductivity consumes the pulse energy.

Aiming at the two main reasons that affect the efficiency of wire cutting. Sammlite Machinery suggests that to improve the cutting efficiency of wire EDM, the following aspects should be improved accordingly.

1. Increase the energy of a single pulse

That is the pulse amplitude and peak current. In order not to overload the current carrying capacity of the molybdenum wire, the pulse interval should be increased accordingly, so that the average current value will not increase too much. Sammlite’s Wire Cut EDM can withstand 7 Amp current and keep cutting at an extremely high speed constantly.

3. Improve the mechanical accuracy of the wire EDM Machine

Because narrow seams always go faster than wide seams, straight seams always go faster than crease seams. 

4. Increase the wiring system speed

The speed of the water brought into the gap by the wire is accelerated, the amount of water is increased, and the erosion is more effectively discharged. 

5. Adjust the water nozzle to increase wire EDM cutting speed

Increase the wrapping of the wire by the water outside the gap, that is, let the water flow faster under the drive of the wire, and the high-speed flowing water has a strong cleaning effect on the gap. 

6. Improve the frequency conversion tracking sensitivity and increase the pulse utilization rate.

Using sammlite intelligent high-frequency system, it can adapt to common materials and improve cutting efficiency.

7. Reduce the commutation time of the wire-feeding motor

Faster startup and increased effective machining time.

The above are the methods that Sammlite Machinery explained to you to improve the processing wire EDM cutting and efficiency of spark erosion machine.

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